The New Year for Hamtramck looks promising and financially sound



  Happy New Year!

          In this issue of The Review we begin our look back at the last 12 months. What a journey it’s been. Hamtramck sure packs in a lot of news for a small city, which is one of its enduring charms.

          But make no mistake, there have been some serious issues this city has faced and continues to struggle with.

          Hamtramck’s financial future is the biggest thing at stake. We are now six months into being under the control of an emergency manager. From what we have heard, Emergency Manager Cathy Square has just about sealed new labor contracts with all of the city employee unions.

          We look forward to see what the new contracts entail, but since we have heard no complaints it’s a fair assumption that the new terms are acceptable.

          That’s a far cry from what is happening to Detroit city employees – especially its pensioners who just might see their pensions get wiped away. We can’t even think what those people are supposed to do without an income.

          Hamtramck, fortunately, is not confronted with a harsh term like that. Yes, retirees are being forced to accept a new health insurance plan, but at least it’s one that they should be able to bear.

          What’s coming in the next six months will be a restructuring of how the city conducts its business, especially its financial accounting. According to Square, it’s shocking how Hamtramck has conducted its financial affairs.

          We’ll be talking more about that in the months to come.

          But rest assure, Hamtramck’s financial health will be restored, and we should be on solid ground for years to come.

          We’ll raise a toast to that and welcome in a New Year.

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