Time to get your dancin’ shoes on for a toe-tappin’ weekend

By Charles Sercombe
The music line-up for Hamtramck Labor Day festivals has always catered to a wide-variety of tastes.
And this year is no exception.
In fact, it’s going to be the place to be this weekend (move over Arts, Beats and Eats).
For rock fans, the big news is that the Dead Milkmen will be playing, on Sunday at 9 p.m.
Other standout offerings include Hamtramck’s own B Free on Monday evening, the Detroit Cobras on Saturday, Duende, Connor Dodson, Shadow Show, Sugar Tradition, the Strains, Detroit 442, Tyvek, Matt Smith, and so much more.
Of particular interest for fans of the Detroit Cobras, this show is entitled “Celebrating the life of Rachel Nagy.” Nagy was the longtime singer for the group who passed away last year, much to the shock and dismay of her many fans.
Vocalist Marcus Durant has been handling vocal duties for the Cobras’ current tour schedule.
Sunday evening also features Hamtramck’s own party band, The Polish Muslims, who have been playing here since, well, ages ago.
Also, another tradition is returning: Michael Hurtt (yes, with two T’s) on Monday at noon.
Another local group, Jezy Boys, promises to be boozy fun on Sunday, with Hamtramck fave Danny D following.
Here’s the schedule for the weekend:

Saturday, Sept. 2
North Stage
1:30 PM Secondary Colors
2:30 PM ZEM
3:30 PM Wild Shape
4:30 PM Briggance
5:30 PM Fen Fen
6:30 PM Deadbeat Beat
7:30 PM SSM
8:30 PM New Twenty Saints

South Stage
2 PM Sugar Tradition
3 PM Connor Dodson
4 PM Strains
5 PM Detroit 442
6 PM Dusty Rose Band
7 PM Prude Boys
8 PM Shadow Show
9 PM Detroit Cobras

Sunday, Sept. 3
North Stage
1 PM Redones
2 PM Womb Worm
4 PM 208
5 PM Stools
6 PM Werewolf Jones
7 PM Pat & the Pissers

South Stage
12 PM DJ One
1:30 PM Core Values
2:30 PM Red Devil Ryders
3:30 PM Jezy Boys
4:30 PM Danny D
6:30 PM The Polish Muslims
9 PM The Dead Milkmen

Monday, Sept. 4
North Stage
12 PM Michael Hurtt
1:30 PM Honest to God Jug Band
2:30 PM The Whiskey Charmers
3:30 PM Zastava
4:30 PM Beauville
5:30 PM Matt Smith Group
7:30 PM Day Residue

South Stage
2 PM Pink Spit
3 PM Coxiopioxio
4 PM Dark Red
5 PM Ultimate Ovation
7 PM Bill & Isiah
8 PM B Free
9 PM GMAC Cash

Posted Sept. 1, 2023

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