Volunteers will hit the streets this Saturday for ‘Clean Sweep’

By Charles Sercombe

The sounds you will likely hear on Saturday will be people brooming, raking and shoveling.

Saturday (May 15) is the annual “Hamtramck Clean Sweep” in which hundreds of volunteers will be working almost every inch of the city. Volunteers from just about everywhere will be showing up: employees with the state’s housing department and transportation department will be on hand, students will be cleaning around their schools and ordinary residents will be coming out to put a shine on the city.

“The goal is to make a strong effort this year, to make Hamtramck as tidy as it used to be,” said organizer Eve Doster Knepp.

Residents who can’t come out are encouraged to clean up their own yards and area. Dumpsters will be located throughout the city for residents to use. However, you cannot throw away hazardous materials or large items.

If you would like to help out, join volunteers this Saturday, 10 a.m., at People’s Community Services (8625 Jos. Campau). After the clean up, volunteers will gather at People’s Community Center for some pizza and salad, which is being donated by Amicci’s Pizza.

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