You’ve got friends at Whiskey in the Jar

By Ian Perrotta
Review Staffwriter
If you’re looking for a Friday night fight, go down the street to Shadow Bar – at Whiskey in the Jar it’s all about the camaraderie.
Just ask Bruce Bell.
After working as a soundman for the bar during the Hamtramck’s annual Blowout, he was disheartened to wake up after the last day only to find that his equipment had been stolen from his trunk the night before. Fortunately for Bell, friend and Whiskey in the Jar bartender Aaron Krul stepped in and organized a benefit to raise money for new gear.
“Bruce Bell is a good friend to everyone in Hamtramck, with his music and humor,” Krul says, “and we wanted to be a good friend back.”
To do that, Krul designated a recent Sunday night as “Bruce Bell’s Benefit Ball” and brought in Erin Elvis from the band Chapstick and Rachel May from Broadzilla for an acoustical performance, asking for a minimum donation of $5 at the door. Bar owner (and City Councilman) Tom Jankowski even provided a spread from Royal Kebab.
“I think it’s great that our patrons look out for each other like this,” Jankowski said. “It shows some of the best that Hamtramck has to offer.”
The target for the night was $250, and though there weren’t quite 50 people who showed up, the final total was $267 – just enough extra for a round of beers.
“Thank you everyone,” said Bell. “I’m glad to have such great friends.”

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