Crime Log… 8/21/15

By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Log covers Aug. 11-17.

Tuesday, August 11
At 2 a.m. a break-in occurred through the rear door to a business in the 9200 block of Jos. Campau.
At 2:30 a.m. someone broke out a living room window at a residence in the 2200 block of Hewitt.
A woman reported fraudulent activity in her ATM account.
A road survey engineer reported his equipment was stolen while working at Jos. Campau and Hamtramck Dr.
A Hamtramck resident was arrested following a traffic stop for driving without a license. A passenger was also arrested for being wanted on a Hamtramck warrant.

Wednesday, August 12
Three Detroit residents were arrested following a traffic stop. The driver was charged with possessing heroin, driving without a license (he has 34 prior convictions of this charge) and driving with an improper license plate. The passengers were also arrested for possessing heroin.
At about midnight a resident flagged down officers and turned over a Visa debit card that he had found in a dumpster.
A man was arrested for assaulting his wife.
A fish market on Holbrook reported a robbery. The suspect got away with $120 and a cellphone.
Thursday, August 13
A Charest resident reported that their signed absentee ballot was stolen by a person known to them. An Edwin resident the same thing.
At a little after 3 a.m. an intoxicated Detroit resident was arrested after he was seen urinating on a building in the 12000 block of Conant.
A Yemans woman reported someone she knows stole her jewelry from her bedroom.
A Conant resident reported someone stole his cellphone while he was playing soccer at Keyworth Stadium.

Friday, August 14
A Warren resident was arrested following a traffic stop for driving without a license (he has 15 prior convictions for this offense) and obstruction.
At 2 a.m. two men were seen getting out of a silver Pontiac mini-van in the 3100 block of Roosevelt. One of the suspects then punched and damaged the mirror of a parked car. Both suspects then fled.
A resident in the 3500 block of Caniff reported a break-in.

Saturday, August 15
At about 11:30 p.m. a resident reported that while driving in the Conant-Caniff area he was bumped by another car. When the resident stopped, three men pulled him out of his car, pistol-whipped him and stole his cellphone, wallet and money. The suspects then fled in his car, a white 1999 Toyota Corolla, and another car.
Officers located a man suffering a seizure at Jos. Campau and Casmere.
At 2 a.m. a Roseville resident was arrested at a Jos. Campau bar for domestic violence.
A juvenile was arrested after threatening his family with a knife.
A person complained of receiving threatening phone calls.
A resident reported that two suspects were using Facebook to threaten her son.
A resident in the 12000 block of Selfridge reported a break-in and the theft of her television.
A resident in the 11400 block of Klinger reported someone stole a DTE meter from his residence.

Sunday, August 16
At a little after 11:30 p.m. a resident was arrested in the area of Conant and Caniff for being disorderly, possessing an open bottle of liquor and obstruction.
At about 12:30 a.m. a Detroit resident was arrested after being seen prowling in the backyard of a house in the 12000 block of Gallagher.
At almost 5 a.m. a resident was arrested after a traffic stop for being wanted on a Hamtramck warrant.
At almost 5 a.m. someone threw a brick through a bedroom window at a residence in the 2900 block of Casmere.
At about 2 p.m. officers responded to the 9000 block of Jos. Campau where a large fight was occurring. Upon arrival, a witness said suspects had attempted to shoot him.
At 2 p.m. a resident was cited for drinking in public and was taken to a hospital after he was found laying in a parking lot at Jos. Campau and Roosevelt.
A landlord of a unit in the 2400 block of Holbrook reported a previous tenant destroyed various items inside the residence.
A Detroit resident was arrested for domestic violence and parental kidnapping.
A resident in the 11500 block of Nagel reported the theft of a lawn chair from his backyard.
A resident in the 3400 block of Caniff reported his brother stole his Xbox from his room.
Officers responded to a call in which a woman was on the ground bleeding in the area of Caniff and Klinger. The woman said she had been robbed of a money order by two suspects.
A resident reported he was robbed of his cellphone in the area of Caniff and Sobieski.
Monday, August 17
At about 1 a.m. a resident in the 3900 block of Yemans reported he was robbed and carjacked by three males armed with a shotgun and pistol.
At a little after 1 a.m. a Detroit resident was arrested for assaulting his friend with a large wooden beam.
A Charest resident reported the theft of his backpack, containing his medications, from his front porch.
A Highland Park resident was arrested after a foot chase for burglary and assault after being observed breaking into a residence on Gallagher.
At about 1 p.m. a Dorothy resident and a teenager were arrested after assaulting a police officer who was investigating a suspicious circumstance.
A Roosevelt resident reported that someone opened three DTE accounts in his name.
A Yemans man was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend’s grandmother during an argument.

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