Look at the bigger picture about bike lanes

The concept of bike lanes in Hamtramck continues to spur debate.
Recently, one Review reader offered a comment that got us scratching our heads.
The reader said that, when immigrants come to this country, they not only want to own a car, but also they will refuse to give up their auto.
That is a curious thing to say, considering that no one is demanding car owners give up their cars. Where did that notion come from?
The reader also said that it’s “artsy” types who want, and will use, bike lanes. Hmmm. That one is a brain twister. It never occurred to us that only “artsy” people – whoever they are — like to ride bikes.
From what we have witnessed, all types of folks ride bikes.
Others have suggested that very few residents ride bikes. Again, how does anyone know this?
The bike lane in Hamtramck was only installed this year, right before cold weather settled in, and even then, some portion of that was completed in colder weather, when few would be out riding bikes.
This outlook misses the bigger picture about bike lanes here in town. They are part of a 27-mile path that will link up Hamtramck with Detroit, Dearborn and Highland Park.
The thinking is, this will attract folks from outside the city to explore our town. And hopefully, this will result in a positives economic impact for local businesses.
Seriously, what is all the fuss about?
Do bike lanes really inconvenience anyone?
One can still drive their car and park in the street. Bike lanes are not here to replace autos, although it would be nice if the region had a real public transportation system that actually works — instead of the present broken bus system — to help reduce our dependency on autos.
Promoting bike travel is also a health message to folks to get out and exercise more, instead of motoring around constantly.
Get back on a bike some time — you might even find that biking brings out the happy, carefree kid in you once more.
Posted April 26, 2024

One Response to Look at the bigger picture about bike lanes

  1. Abbas Bazzi

    April 26, 2024 at 5:17 pm

    when bike lanes and the cozmopolitan feel comes to gaza, then they will come in multitudes to hamtramck, but until then, no bike lanes except what is already there.

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