For some, serving in public office is a bad fit

The three-month absence of City Councilmember Khalil Refai is not only mysterious, but it does underscore the need for people to do their homework before running for public office.
Refai is believed to be out of the country, possibly doing something for his job. He did say, before leaving, that he would be gone awhile.
The thing is, we understand that job duties can require travel, but all would-be candidates need to figure out whether their own work and personal schedules will interfere while in elected office.
Refai is one of three first-term candidates in this current council configuration.
So far, two of his fellow first-termers have resigned. One cited work obligations and, another, health considerations.
Now Refai is out of commission.
What exactly is going on?
People, listen up: fulfilling your obligations as an elected official takes a lot of time – time away from family and, possibly, time away from work duties.
This is the cost of being a public servant.
We have a city council election coming up this year in which three seats will be looking for candidates to fill them.
If you are tempted to run for one of these seats, please, please, do some hard thinking about the sacrifices you’ll be expected to make.
Posted April 7, 2023

One Response to For some, serving in public office is a bad fit

  1. Shari Bloomquist

    April 15, 2023 at 2:56 pm

    This has been an ongoing problem with those attempting to seek office – and then taking on outside commitments that they deem much more important.

    Khalil Refai’s presence outside the U.S. makes it impossible to make any meaningful commitment to our local community since he is not even here to witness what is going on firsthand.

    He needs to resign. Lynn Blasey would be next in succession to assume the vacancy caused by such a resignation. She at least appears at City Council meetings.

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