Hamtramck has plenty to be thankful about

Although this week’s issue comes out a day after Thanksgiving, it’s never too late to give thanks.
In Hamtramck, there are many things to be thankful for.
For one thing, Hamtramck’s residents are a hardworking bunch who will help a neighbor and friend out in a moment’s notice. The city has a long history of helping out the less fortunate, and that tradition carries on with the annual Goodfellows holiday meal give-away.
Thanks to a handful of volunteers and the many donations of generous folks, about 300 families and individuals will food coupons to purchase a meal this holiday season.
We are also one of the most interesting cities in the metro area – maybe even in the nation. There is nowhere else outside of New York or Chicago where you will find such ethnic diversity.
What makes each of us so different is where we draw our collective strength. Our diversity forces us to get along, and it expands our vision of the world.
In Hamtramck, all you have to do is take a walk around the block to experience the world.
This week, be sure to say thanks for living in such a wonderful city.

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