Next up: should the city install more speed humps?

City officials will soon decide whether to expand the city’s speed hump program. There are speed humps on Charest, at Hamtramck High School, and on Hanley near Tau Beta School.


By Charles Sercombe
In the past year, Hamtramck has joined thousands of other communities nationwide in cracking down on speeders in residential neighborhoods.
Speed humps (not speed bumps).
Speed humps have less of an incline that speed bumps, which traffic experts say can lead to drivers going out of control.
Hamtramck has installed speed humps, two on Charest St. in front of Hamtramck High School, which has long been a nightmare for residents there who suffered through high schoolers speeding down their street, and two on Hanley St. where the Tau Beta School is located.
That was considered a pilot project, and it cost about $18,000 for supplies, installation and signs. Funding came out of the city’s road budget.
The installation of these traffic safety devices also came at a time of increased outcry by residents complaining of speeders in their neighborhoods.
In other words, they want more speed humps.
Hamtramckans are not alone.
The Detroit Free Press recently reported that there are over 17,000 requests from different areas of the City of Detroit for speed humps.
So, what is in Hamtramck’s future?
City Manager Kathy Angerer said her administration is working on a proposal to bring to the city council. It will be up to council to decide whether to install more.
Posted Oct. 1, 2021

One Response to Next up: should the city install more speed humps?

  1. Allice Thomas

    October 14, 2021 at 6:32 pm

    need the police to do their job they dont enforce anything they see them flying down the street an just keep going, yesterday 2 police cars was riding down caniff at conant an 2 cars right in front of them mad a left turn where the sign clearly said no left turn between 3 an 6 it was 330 an they didnt do anything if they can do it in plain sight what makes you think they not gone speed they no the police not gone do anything

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