Repaving begins on Conant

The repaving of Conant Ave., from Carpenter to Holbrook, began on Monday. Work should be completed by Nov. 15.

By Charles Sercombe
And now it’s Conant’s turn to be repaved.
Those orange road construction barrels aren’t going away any time soon in Hamtramck.
Now that the Caniff repaving project is over, Conant Ave. is now undergoing a repaving project, from Carpenter to Holbrook.
This work is being funded by Wayne County, which also happens to own the road.
County officials assured the city that traffic will still be able to get through during the project.
This leg of the repaving picked up where the county left off at Carpenter, which is the border of Hamtramck and Detroit.
The repaving can’t come soon enough. For years, if not for a couple of decades, residents and city officials have complained to the county about the poor condition of Conant, which was seriously cratered with potholes.
Since the 1990s, Conant has become a bustling center for business activity. But before that, the street had become home to numerous vacant storefronts.
Then Bangladeshi immigrants flooded into the area, and revitalized that section of the city. Today, that business strip is thriving with businesses, pedestrians and traffic.
Work on Conant is expected to be completed by Nov. 15.
Posted Sept. 24. 2021

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