Speed humps have proven to be effective

If you are like us, we find speed humps to be annoying.
But, we have to admit, they are effective in slowing down drivers. And so, it appears the city’s experiment with the installation of speed humps on two busy streets has proved effective.
The city administration will soon present a plan to the city council to expand this pilot project.
For years, residents have complained about speeding and reckless drivers. Our neighborhood streets are narrow, and there are tons of kids who play in the street and dart out from in between parked cars.
It’s a wonder there are not more pedestrian accidents.
One solution that has been suggested, over and over, is assign more police patrols. That, of course, comes at a price. The more officers who spend time doing traffic patrol in the neighborhoods, the fewer available to take other kinds of calls.
Speed humps are an economical way to address the nuisance of speeders.
It’s also a tactic that many other cities are now using.
We heartily endorse installing more speed humps – sooner, rather than later.
Posted Oct. 8, 2021

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