Students focus on littering in public service video


By Alan Madlane
Many have commented on the litter that bedevils Hamtramck on a daily basis.
It swirls in the sewer grates after a heavy rain, formed of discarded Covid masks, Styrofoam cups, crushed cans, various paper flyers; you name it.
All the construction currently around town probably doesn’t help.
So who does try to help?
Well, those industrious youths from Hamtramck High School in the LEAP club.
LEAP has been mentioned in this column before, when they were promoting recycling over at the city’s center. Now, they’ve produced an almost-nine-minute video on littering.
They’d appreciate it if people would stop trashing their town. And hey, they’re going to one day inherit it, so who can blame them?
Anyway, if anti-littering videos are your thing – and if you’re littering up Hamtramck, we would argue that they should be – feel free to check out our online version of The Review, and look for the link at the end of this article while there.
You’ll need a player that can handle an MP4 formatted video.
And throw that junk in a trash can.
Posted July 1, 2021

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