Thanks to volunteers, the Labor Day Festival succeeded

Hamtramck’s end-of-the-summer party was a smash.
After being forced to take a year off because of the Covid pandemic, the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival returned, with plenty of gusto.
While it was scaled down, the festival is still one of the best homegrown festivals in the metro area.
And we have dozens of volunteers to thank for pulling it off despite some obstacles – namely, having only a few months to organize it.
Folks needed this festival.
After a year of being cooped up at home and quarantining ourselves, it was time to get outdoors and meet up with old friends.
While the pandemic is far from being over, it was safe enough to come out.
Our only suggestion, and one we have harped on for years, is that the city should step up and pump some money into this festival – and we mean more than what the Downtown Development Authority kicks in. The event is a perfect opportunity to showcase our city.
With some extra financial help, this festival could afford to make improvements without losing its small-town charm.
Regardless, we again thank the many volunteers – who are not paid – for donating their time and energy to make this festival a success once again.
Posted Sept. 10, 2021

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