9/11 mural gets a redo by local students

By Ian Perrotta

Last week’s Clean Sweep wasn’t all about picking up litter. For Hamtramck Detective Jackie Crachiola, it was about putting down some paint.

Det. Crachiola spent the day at the viaduct on Jos. Campau and Denton St. repainting a mural of the American Flag. The original flag was painted in 2002 by Crachiola and local students and had stood the test of time until vandals recently sprayed graffiti onto it.

The mural was painted to commemorate the 9/11 tragedy and to bring Hamtramck’s diverse ethnic communities together.

Once the work on Saturday was complete, the mural was ready for the finishing touches. On Monday, during their gym classes, students from Holbrook Elementary School walked to the site and added some multi-colored handprints into the mix.

If you haven’t seen it for yourself, take a look – it’s worth the trip.

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