A look at the election by the numbers

By Charles Sercombe

Attention all you Hamtramck election junkies, here are the official – Canvass Board-approved – election results from Nov. 3.

Here’s how the mayor’s race turned out, Karen Majewski: 1,708; Abdul Algazali: 1,585.

The City Council results, Kazi Miah: 1,652; Tom Jankowski: 1,459; Mohammed Hassan: 1,390. Miah, Jankowski and Hassan were the top vote-getters and will take office on Jan. 1.

The other council challengers finished as follows, Alan Shulgon: 1,290; Anam Ahmed Miah: 1,265; Kathy Kristy: 1,261.

The School Board race featured two incumbents who easily won, Elizabeth Zwolak: 1,560; Hedy Shulgon: 1,396.

Their challengers were Carol Pinckney: 1,061 and Roberta Olko: 680.

In the Wayne County bond proposal, voters supported it with 1,650 voting yes and 1,082 voting no.

In total, 3,341 ballots were cast. Out of that number, 596 voters voted via absentee ballot. Karen Majewski received 392 votes from the absentee ballots and Algazali received 185 votes.

In the council race, the absentee ballots went as follows, Tom Jankowski: 361; Kathy Kristy: 325; Alan Shulgon: 311; Kazi Miah: 166; Mohammed Hassan: 141; Anam Ahmed Miah: 102.

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