A victory for the school millage is a victory for our kids

Smart decision, Hamtramck voters.
On Tuesday, the public school district’s millage proposal managed to just get by and win.
Although it’s unfortunate that the margin of victory was only 22 votes, it’s a victory nonetheless. Perhaps with time, when the community sees the vast number of repairs being made to the district’s buildings, those who opposed the millage will see the wisdom of passing it.
Anyone who has toured the district’s buildings knows they desperately need repairs and upgrades. The district couldn’t afford to make these repairs in a timely manner without the help of this millage.
There were those who opposed the tax saying that since past school administrators failed to maintain district property the tax should have been rejected.
We’re not sure how punishing the district’s past administrators for their failure benefits today’s students.
That logic doesn’t make sense.
Not that we want to rub salt into anyone’s wounds here. We believe in time, the naysayers will see that improving our school buildings will make our community stronger and more valuable.
But the biggest winners will be our kids, who deserve a safe and clean environment to learn in.

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