AG’s investigation is about preserving integrity of elections


          It’s important to remember that the three Hamtramck men accused of illegally delivering absentee ballots are innocent until proven guilty.

          However, it’s hard to imagine what their defense is. It’s a matter of record that they delivered ballots to the city clerk’s office that by law they were not authorized to handle. Absentee ballots can only be returned by the voter, immediate family members or postal workers.

          The rules of handling the ballots are clearly stated on the envelopes that they come in and are returned in.

          Ignorance of the law is not an excuse that can be used in court.

          While this is hardly the crime of the century, it does go to the heart of preserving the integrity of our elections – something many other countries envy about our system.

          There has been growing concern over the veracity of where candidates really live and whether newly registered voters are truly qualified to vote in the first place.

          On top of that, two candidates are saying that they were approached to exchange money for votes.

          Hopefully, the ongoing investigation by the state Attorney General’s Office will produce some answers to these lingering questions.

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