An investment in the school millage is an investment in our community

In last week’s issue we explored several reasons why the Hamtramck Public Schools’ upcoming millage vote is important to Hamtramck.
We can’t stress enough why we, as a community, need to invest in our main education system and our kids.
Our public school buildings need a lot of repairs and a major overhaul. It’s not like they are falling apart, but now is the time to invest in what is essentially everyone’s property.
Supporters of the school district’s millage, officially called a “Capital Improvement Sinking Fund Millage,” stress the extra tax won’t be a burden for the average homeowner.
In fact, they point out, by upgrading our schools, the general property value of homes will increase.
A sound school district with modern updates means more money in your pocket when you go to sell your house.
We can’t think of a better argument for the millage than what was laid out by Steve Hughes in last week’s “Hamtown’s movers and shakers …”
One of the things he said that stood out was this:
“This is probably one of the best things you’ll be asked to pay taxes for. It improves things for kids and young families, and makes our city a more attractive place to live. Because even though the schools are good — and I know they are — it’s hard to understand that when one of the first things you see in the halls of the high school is plaster hanging off the ceiling.
“If it was my house, and my plaster was falling down, you’d think I didn’t care. Well the Public Schools belong to all of us. We need to start caring. It’s time that we take ownership over the repair issues.”
Well said, Steve.

If you haven’t read his interview yet, we encourage you to pick up last Friday’s paper, or go online to
The millage election is May 6, so it’s important for you to educate yourself on the subject and come out in support. Remember, an investment in our schools is an investment in our community.
Vote YES for the school millage.


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