Annual cleanup underscores just how bad it is

By Charles Sercombe

Well, the calendar says spring but the weather?

It’s up and down and all over the place. But no matter what tricks Mother Nature is playing on us, spring definitely sprung with last Saturday’s annual “Hamtramck Clean Sweep.”

Dozens of volunteers fanned out north, south, east and west in the city to tackle an almost insurmountable amount of garbage, debris and plain old litter.

You know, Hamtramck, you really need more than one day to get a handle on what’s out there in the streets and lots. But then again, this is an urban city and litter is part and parcel with living here.

Yet again, have you ever seen downtown Cleveland? The friggin’ place is clean as a whistle.

Yes, Cleveland.

Ah, but we digress. Sad fact is, this year’s cleanup appeared to be pretty dismal in the number of volunteers who showed up. Sadder yet, it appeared most of the volunteers were from OUT OF TOWN.

C’mon, folks, wake up and take pride in your city.

OK, enough of a rant. But really, get off your butts and at least clean up your yard and the area in front of your house or business.

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