At People’s Community Center, it’s one-stop shopping for services

(Freelance writer Lisa Robertson will be spotlighting the various social service organizations that serve Hamtramck in the next several weeks.)

By Lisa Robertson
Special to The Review

Hamtramck’s People’s Community Services has a vast array of programs to help you, specializing in the needs of children and families the organization provides training in parenting and life skills as well as health issues. Families can also tap into social services such as WIC (Women, Infants and Children), ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services) and the Stay in School Program.

Basic Needs Program:

The Basic Needs program highlights what each family or individual needs to become self-sufficient and financially stable. It provides parenting classes, Future goal setting, housing help and financial and educational goals for those who are interested in changing careers, or wish to further their skills.

“Due to the effects of unemployment and underemployment, many families are facing tough choices on how to provide for their family while at the same time finding work and enhancing their skills to increase their ability to be self-sufficient,” said Sybil Jeannin, a Basic Needs Case Manager at the center.

Jeannin said that down the road the center would like to expand its services.
“I am hoping to do this by increasing our resources and volunteers so we can increase the amount of workshops and training programs available at our site,” Jeannin said.

Additional Programming:

Additionally PCS provides other programs like “Project Fresh Start,” an 18-24 month treatment program for women who are in jail and have substance abuse issues.

Youth Stay in School Program:

This program is set up for youths to have a safe place to go to socialize and be productive. This program teaches them the value of reducing pollution and taking pride in their community. The Hamtramck Neighborhood Center has an indoor gym and places the children in mini-leagues allowing them to develop valuable skills needed later in the work place. Additionally, the children are working on a mural that depicts the history of Detroit. They also provide arts and crafts, tutoring, computer labs and summer lunches. To find out more about these services visit:

How You Can Contribute:

“We are always looking for groups and individuals to support and partner with us,” Jeannin said. “This can be done through providing workshops that address an area of Basic Needs. This can also be done by hosting a fundraiser or organizing a household goods drive so that we can provide items to community members that will offset the out-of-pockets costs when a family has limited income.”

For further information, contact the Hamtramck Neighborhood Center at:

8625 Jos. Campau Ave.
Hamtramck, MI 48212

Call: (313) 875-1750


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