Beware of candidates promising to cut taxes

This year’s field of candidates vying for three seats on City Council offers some hope for the future.

We see some worthy candidates, but at the same time we see some of the same tired old faces that run in each election. We’re also disheartened that Councilmembers Catrina Stackpoole and Shahab Ahmed decided to not seek re-election.

They have been key players in moving this city forward despite heated vocal opposition from those in the community who have no clear understanding on what it takes to run a city.

But we’re optimistic that those we think would serve the city well will make their positions clear and easily understood as the election season moves on. We’d also like to sponsor a candidate night forum earlier in the election season than in the past.

Hamtramck’s financial future will be touch and go in the coming years. We will need strong leadership to ride this one out.

It’s frustrating that some of our current councilmembers think that by doing absolutely nothing, somehow the city will survive. Or worse, some councilmembers and candidates insist there is more in the city budget to cut.

Do they realize that a majority of costs are controlled by contract obligations, or are out of the hands of the city to control? Cut what? Where?

Voters need to beware of candidates who say they would make more cuts. They don’t have the foggiest notion of what they are talking about. Anyone can promise to slash taxes or not raise them.

Those kinds of promises are empty-headed and geared solely to win votes.

Stay tuned voters, this election cycle is one of the most important ones in recent years.

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