‘Blowout’ will be playing a new tune


By Charles Sercombe

Is the Hamtramck Blowout about to blow out of town?

That’s been the hot and heavy rumor the past few weeks. But according to the Metro Times, the alternative weekly magazine that sponsors the weekend music festival, the Blowout is staying in town.

However, cha-cha-cha-changes are coming.

“We’re not leaving Hamtramck, we’re just trying to expand it,” said Chris Sexson, the Publisher of the Metro Times.

That likely means that other venues outside of Hamtramck – such as in Ferndale — will be part of the Blowout.

He also confirmed another rumor that the Blowout will be moved from March to April when there is warmer weather.

Details of the new plan won’t be finalized until a week or so, Sexson said.

The Blowout attracts thousands of music fans, and is a major economic shot in the arm for local bars and halls.

The festival, however, was marred last year when four women were carjacked while getting into a van outside one of the Blowout venues. One of the women was able to escape, but the carjacker, armed with what the victims thought was a gun, ordered the other women to drive him to an eastside neighborhood.

The three remaining women were then sexually assaulted. The carjacker was caught by police, and the suspect was later convicted for multiple crimes related to the incident.


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