Burglar suspects arrested within minutes of restaurant break-in

By Charles Sercombe
Two suspected burglars caused more damage than thievery at Three Star Bar B Que on Wednesday morning.
Two men, aged 18 and 21, were arrested minutes after breaking into the landmark restaurant, at about 6 a.m., thanks to an alarm system and a witness who saw them in the act of breaking in.
Inside the restaurant, the Detroit men attempted to steal a flat screen television but had little luck in dismantling it. In the process of trying to steal the television, the men damaged it and part of the ceiling. A restaurant employee said the two suspects broke through a window facing a parking lot and caused about $2,000 in damages.
They apparently left with just a cash box.
Police arrested one suspect outside of the restaurant and another who was driving away.
Both suspects have previous convictions for break-ins. The suspects were scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday, the day The Review went to press.

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