Census Road Tour makes stop in Hamtramck

By Ian Perrotta
Review Staffwriter
Last Friday the 2010 Census Road Tour rolled into Hamtramck. It was in town to raise awareness for the upcoming US Census.
Every 10 years the population of the country is counted in order to determine the allotment of federal funds each community receives, among several other reasons. Because the amount of funding is directly tied to population, local officials are activiely involved in spreading the word.
The event was attended by State Rep. Burt Johnson as well as Wayne County Commissioner Moe Blackwell, who each spoke about the importance of the census. Also giving a brief presentation was Hamtramck City Councilmember Kazi Miah, who gave an apt analogy on what the census is and how it is used.
Miah stated that the next 10 years could be likened to a road trip. In order for a road trip to be successful a route must be carefully planned to make there is enough space for everyone and there is enough money. Failure to do so, Miah said, could result in some discomfort for the passengers. Similarly, the success of the next 10 years is contingent on planning for the right circumstances.
“I’m not here as a councilman, but as a father,” said Miah. “The census is one of the most important things that will happen in my daughter’s life over the next 10 years.”
During the event, several of Hamtramck’s ethnic communities were targeted to participate. Representatives from the Bangladeshi, Bosnian, Yemen and Polish communities all spoke about getting the word out to members of their population. The event concluded with a call to action and various types of cultural entertainment.

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