City’s Master Plan effort wants your input on parks

By Ian Perrotta
Review Staffwriter
The Hamtramck Master Plan wants your input, and the timing couldn’t be better.
A recent e-mail from Leah Murphy of Interface Studios – the group in charge of writing the city’s new plan – gave a brief update of the revision process and asked for assistance in completing a survey. It’s topic? Parks and Recreation.
In the e-mail, Murphy wrote that there were some “pretty big parks and recreation related moves” under consideration, including what to do with the bleachers in Veterans Park and whether creating new park space should be a part of the Master Plan.
“It’s important that we get a sense of what the community would like to see in terms of parks and recreation facilities in order for us to move in the right direction,” she said.
To get that sense of what the community wants, Interface Studio has placed a parks and recreation survey on the Hamtramck Master Plan website. So far, 125 people have completed the online survey in addition to the over 90 high school students who filled it out in school.
If taking the survey online is not an option, there are also paper surveys available. An effort by the City of Hamtramck is currently being coordinated to distribute the surveys throughout the town, which can then be turned in (by March 19) to Community and Economic Development Director Jason Friedmann at his office in City Hall.
The next meeting of the revision process for Hamtramck’s Master Plan will be held in approximately four weeks. An exact date and location have yet to be determined, but the focus of the meeting will be on preliminary recommendations for the plan. Before you go be sure to fill out the parks and recreation survey at http://tinycc/hamtramcksurvey.

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