City council made the tight decision on abatement

We realize it was no easy task deciding whether to grant a tax break to another company that promised the moon to the city.
Hamtramck has been burned by such promises before.
But the decision to grant a tax abatement to the company that plans to redevelop the former Missant site was the right choice.
This tax break is different than others in the past.
Instead of asking for a 50-percent property tax cut, the company sought to freeze the current tax payment for 10 years. After that period, the break expires, and the city can then assess the new property value.
Considering that a few decrepit buildings are going to be razed and a new one constructed, the value will certainly go up.
The site currently generates $60,000 in property taxes per year.
If the council had rejected the offer, the city would then continue to receive the same amount with no hope of the site being developed.
It’s been sitting pretty much vacant and blighted for decades.
What is disconcerting is how the city council arrived at its decision. The council appeared to be evenly divided on the issue, 3-3, and votes on the issue were delayed and put off for several weeks.
That was not a good message to send to would-be developers.
We’ve said this before, but the job of being on city council requires making tough decisions from time-to-time.
Running away from controversy is no way to conduct business in Hamtramck.
Posted Oct. 8, 2022

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