City cracks down on income tax cheaters




By Charles Sercombe

          Attention income tax dodgers: The City of Hamtramck is on your trail.

          Penny Aniol, the Director of the Income Tax Department, told the city council last week in a special work session that through the state Department of Human Services she has found a number of local business owners who have not paid income taxes.

          The source of the information, she said, is through subpoenas she receives from the department requesting information on residents who collect welfare. She said she uses the information in the subpoenas to go after suspected deadbeats.

          The subpoenas are part of investigations into welfare fraud. There are some business owners who are illegally collecting welfare, Aniol said, as well as not paying income taxes to the city.

          “We’re getting a ton of cases,” Aniol told The Review.

          Tax offenders can avoid possible arrest and fines during May. The city is sponsoring a month-long amnesty program called “Make it right in May.”

          Aniol said those that come forward and mention the program won’t have to pay penalties or interest charges.

          In June though, all that changes.

“We’ll start making arrests,” Aniol said.



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