City Hall no longer home to voters

By Charles Sercombe

A decades-long tradition in Hamtramck elections has come to an end.

Hamtramck City Hall will no longer be a precinct location for voters, a small irony in the sense that City Hall is where elected officials do their business.

Voters in Precinct 4 will now cast their vote in the Hamtramck High School Community Center. City Clerk Ed Norris said the new location is all about space.

“We’re gearing up for the next presidential election,” Norris said. “We had a problem space-wise.”

Although the next presidential election is more than a year off, Norris said he wanted voters to get “used” to the new location.

In the last presidential election, the turnout at City Hall was overwhelming. Voters had to wait for more than an hour in some cases.

Precinct 4 is bounded by Holbrook to Caniff and Jos. Campau to the city’s eastern border with Detroit.
The next election is the Primary Election, on Aug. 2.

Norris said he has sent voters in Precinct 4 new voter cards. If you have not received one yet, visit the City Clerk’s Office, or call the department at (313) 876-7700, extension 4.

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