City offers an adopt-a-lot program for the summer

The city maintains about 200 vacant lots and is looking for residents to adopt them and turn them into community gardens.



By Ian Perrotta

This summer there is a “lot” for you to do in Hamtramck   

Not as in activities, but as in a parcel of land that you can adopt. If you’re looking to start a community garden over summer, then the Community & Economic Development Department has a deal for you.

          In an effort to trim the amount of properties the city needs to mow and help cut costs for the city, the folks in the CED Department are looking for residents who are interested in maintaining a lot of their own.

          “Right now the city has about 200 lots that it is maintaining,” says CED Department Coordinator Susie Stec. “We’d definitely like to see the community step in and take care of a few.”

          To that end, the city is offering its vacant lots up for adoption to community members.  There is no cost to apply and no fees associated with the adoption — other than what you put into the lot.

          So far the city has approved the use of about two dozen lots. Typically an application process takes just one week to be approved, and permits last until the end of the calendar year. 

          “It’s not something we are actively soliciting for,” says Stec. “But when someone applies we definitely respond with enthusiasm.”

          For more information contact the Hamtramck Community and Economic Development Department at (313) 874-7700.


 Conditions of Adopt-a-Lot program

 1. Use the property only for gardening and/or landscaping

2. Voluntarily vacate the parcel in the event of sale or other disposition by the City

3. To save the City harmless from any and all claims arising out of this use

4. To keep the premises free of weeds, debris and rubbish, and not remove top soil for any purpose

5. Not to erect any structure (excluding temporary fencing) on the premises

6. Use of the premises is not under claim of right or the predicate to a claim of adverse possession


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