City officials need to allow the next city manager to do their job

As we go to print on Thursday, the city council and mayor are set to discuss what they thought of the three candidates they interviewed for the city manager’s job.

One thing that immediately amazed us, all kidding aside, is that there are actually people interested in taking the job. The city council has not been easy on city managers in the last year or so.

They have attacked and beleaguered one city manager after another in recent months. It’s gotten to the point where Hamtramck has earned a reputation.

Beside the political discord, Hamtramck is facing a financial meltdown in the coming months that could very well result in payless paydays. If that happens the state may appoint a financial manager to take over, or allow the city to file for bankruptcy.

Now who would want to become our city manager under those conditions?

Hamtramck is at a crossroads, and it’s up to city officials to begin righting this sinking ship. They can begin to do so by getting out of the way of the next city manager and allow him or her to do their work without harassment.

It was unclear at press time whether there is consensus among the city council on who to hire, or even whether to hire anyone at all.

It is clear, however, that city officials are running out of time to avoid a financial nightmare.

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