City officials need to reconsider tree removal plan



          We don’t mean to belabor this issue, but now that there is an emergency manager in charge of the city, we hope the city’s tree removal project is put on hold.

          The first step in the city’s sidewalk repair project began last week, which started out with the removal of trees that have caused sidewalk slabs to buckle up. While we agree that they have caused sidewalks to be a hazard for pedestrians, we disagree that the only way to deal with the problem is to cut down the trees.

          Many of these trees are 80 to 100 years old and provide much needed shade and beauty to the neighborhoods.

          It’s crazy to take these trees down.

          In other cities, tree roots are ground down to save the trees and keep sidewalks safe.

          While it’s true many of these trees are simply too big for the area they are planted in, we still think there are alternatives. It just takes some creative thinking.

          The city’s plan is to plant size-appropriate trees in place of the ones cut down. That’s great as the city should be planting more trees. But it’s going to take decades for them to provide shade.

          All we ask is to take a step back in the project and bring in experts on how to deal with this problem.

          It’s a crime to take down these majestic trees, and it’s also a detriment to the property values.


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