City officials need to step forward and firmly support the festival

Yes, there will be a Hamtramck Labor Day Festival this year.

That wasn’t terribly clear in the last few weeks. And that’s a shame because there is no reason why there was a question about the festival being on or off. City officials should have acted sooner in establishing that the festival was indeed on, and that there will be funding to make sure it succeeds.

Unfortunately, the ball was dropped.

On the other hand, we are fortunate that there are some very capable organizers who are putting the festival together. From what we have heard, this is going to be another superb festival.

But still, there needs to be more of a commitment from the city council that there will be back-up funding for the festival in case the weather turns against us.

The Labor Day Festival is important for Hamtramck. It needs all the support it can get, because this not only lifts the spirit of the city, it gives it identity.

We need to attract visitors to keep our community thriving and vibrant.

Hamtramck is hurting in many ways, but nothing should get in the way of putting on a Labor Day Festival.

It would be nice if at next Tuesday’s council meeting the festival receives firm support.

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