Cosmos Girls Get Into The School Spirit


By Charles Sercombe

The Cosmos Homecoming Week got off to a fun start on Wednesday.

In preparation for Friday’s Homecoming festivities and the Cosmos football game, the junior and senior girls got into the gridiron spirit in the annual “Powder Puff” game.

Powder Puff is another way of saying flag football. This year, the seniors showed who was boss. The team creamed the juniors 35 to zip.


But really, besides a few sour faces, it was hard to tell who won or lost. The girls had a ton of fun running the field. And for the boys watching the game from the bleachers, well, it’s hard to say if the girls or the fellas had more fun.

And one of the joys of watching the kids interact is the amazing cultural and ethnic diversity of the students.

As they say, “Let’s Go Cosmos.”

Friday’s Homecoming game is at Keyworth Stadium and starts at 7 p.m.

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