Crime Log …10/5/12

By Ian Perrotta

This week’s daily crime reports go from Sept. 27 through Oct. 3.

Thursday, Sept. 27

• Officers responded to an alarm at a business at Conant and Holbrook and found the front window was broken out and entry had been made. The keyholder arrived on scene and reported nothing missing at that time.

• A woman reported that her 16 year old daughter was missing and believed to be a runaway.

• A crash occured near Norwalk and Conant.

Friday, Sept. 28

• A man was arrested for a Hamtramck warrant by officers who picked him up from the Michigan State Police, who had stopped him on a traffic violation.

• A man was arrested for a Hamtramck warrant by officers who picked him up from Harper Woods police officers, who had stopped him on traffic violation.

• A person was placed under arrest during a traffic stop when a check revealed a suspended license.

Saturday, Sept. 29

• A woman was placed under arrest in the 9700 block of Dequindre after she assaulted her boyfriend after an argument.

• Officers discovered a driver was in possession of fraudulent insurance after a traffic stop at Jos. Campau and Evaline.

• Officers checked the area of Norwalk and Lumpkin on a report of a suspect that was shooting out windows with a BB gun. Nothing was located at the time of the report.

• An officer located a counterfeit $100 dollar bill at a party store on Conant.

• An agent for a market on Lumpkin reported five juvenile black males stole several items from the store.

Sunday, Sept. 30

• A man was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct after causing a disturbance at Jos. Campau and Trowbridge.

• A man and a juvenile black male were placed under arrest for robbery after they robbed a party at Klinger and Caniff, stealing his cell phone.

• A man reported suspects unknown to him broke into his residence and stole assorted clothing and personal documents.

• A Trowbridge resident reported that while at Edwin/Buffalo at approximately 1420 hrs two suspects approached him in a newer two-door Honda Accord, ransacked his pockets and then fled in the Honda without taking property. The suspects were described as a Hispanic male wearing a blue sweater, shorts and a Tigers cap, and another Hispanic male in a red “New Jersey” jersey.

• A resident of Gallagher reported that someone spray painted his garage and alley.

Monday, Oct. 1

• A man reported he was assaulted by several males while he was inside a bar on Jos. Campau.

• A man reported that an unknown person(s) used his name during a traffic stop.

• A few minutes later the same man reported that an unknown person(s) took $315 from his PNC account.

• A woman reported that several people were attempting to kick in her back door on Casmere. Entry had been made at near-by residence but the owner was not home. Suspect 1 is described as a black male wearing a dark hooded shirt and purple undershirt. Suspect 2 is described as a tall, goateed black male of about 35 years old, wearing a red hooded shirt. There was no description of the other two suspects.

• An Evaline resident was placed under arrest after attempting to cash her deceased brother’s Social Security Check at a party store. (Now that’s classy)

• A police officer was presented with fraudulent insurance during a traffic stop at Jos. Campau/Whalen.

• A Casgrin St. resident was placed under arrest for No License Ever Acquired during a traffic stop at SB75/94. His vehicle was impounded.

• A resident of Jacob reported that between 0930 and 1730 hrs an unknown suspect shot out her house window with an apparent BB gun.

• A resident of Charest reported the rear door was kicked in between 1015 and 2040 hrs and his house was ransacked. No property appeared to be missing.

Tuesday, Oct. 2

• A woman on Roosevelt reported an unknown person broke into her residence while she was sleeping. Nothing reported missing at this time.

• A Reserve Officer and an administrator at Hamtramck High reported that a student had assaulted them on 9/27 at 11410 Charest in the main office. The administrator reported that she sustained a minor injury during the altercation.

• A woman reported that an unknown person was stalking her while she was walking from Glory Supermarket. The vehicle was a black Honda.

• A Caniff resident was placed under arrest for aggravated assault after assaulting an Oliver resident at Caniff/Mackay at 1336 hrs.

• A Greeley resident reported that the Title of her 87 Monte Carlo was stolen by a former roommate at 3386 Doremus and vehicle was signed over to a third party. (No wonder they aren’t roommates anymore).

• Officers recovered a small brown dog (Yorkshire Terrier?) from Sobieski/Commor at approximately 1900 hrs. The dog was transported to the station for safekeeping.

• A resident of Belmont reported his front door window was broken out. It was later determined to be broken out by his roommate following an argument the previous night.

Wednesday, Oct. 3

• A male was arrested for possession of narcotics and paraphernalia during a traffic stop at Carpenter/Mackay. His vehicle was impounded.

• An officer was provided fraudulent insurance during a traffic stop at Carpenter/Fleming.

• A resident of Bernard reported that while he was in front of his residence at 1630 hrs an unknown black male and black female approached him and inquired about renting the upper flat. While he was giving them a tour the male grabbed the wallet from his pocket. Both suspects fled the residence in an unknown direction on foot.

• A Klinger resident was placed under arrest for breaking and entering into a residence on Casmere on Oct. 1. The man was also arrested for possession of marijuana after he was observed at Jos. Campau/Carpenter.

Crime of the Week:

Since nothing really stood out this week, I guess it goes to person who tried to cash their deceased relative’s Social Security check. Want to live for free off the government? Enjoy your three hots and a cot.

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