Crime Log…11/22/13


By Charles Sercombe

          This week’s Crime Log covers Nov. 12-18.

Tuesday, Nov. 12

          A man reported to police that he bought a stolen or lost Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet from a store on Jos. Campau.

          At 11:14 p.m. a Commor St. man was arrested for chasing his brother with a hammer following a fight.

          A woman was arrested after shoplifting at CVS Pharmacy on Jos. Campau.

Wednesday, Nov. 13

At 3 a.m. a person was arrested for disorderly conduct while in the 2000 block of Caniff.

          A resident reported that his car was stolen while parked in front of his residence in the 3900 block of Trowbridge St.

          At 11 a.m. a woman was arrested after a suspicious incident happened at Holbrook and Jos. Campau. Officers also found narcotics on the woman.

          A Detroit man was arrested after a traffic stop for driving with a suspended license and possessing marijuana.


Thursday, Nov. 14

          At almost 1 a.m. a person was arrested for obstructing officers during a traffic stop in the 11000 block of Conant.

          Walter’s Party Shoppe reported two checks that were cashed came back from a bank because they were counterfeit.

          Officers responded to a disturbance on a DOT bus in which a passenger was accused of damaging a window.

Friday, Nov. 15

          At almost midnight, officers investigated an open door at a residence in the 2600 block of Poland St. Officers searched the house and secured the door.

          At about 11:30 p.m. a person was arrested for possessing an open alcohol beverage following an investigation in the 3300 block of Comstock St.

          Two officers were injured during the arrest of a suspect who, along with two others, broke into a Jos. Campau pharmacy.

          A resident reported he was given a fake check for an item he sold on Craig’s List.

          A Yemans St. resident reported that someone in a car drove by and pointed a gun and then fled.

          Officers responding to a call about a fight on Neibel St. arrested a Hamtramck woman for disorderly conduct.

Saturday, Nov. 16

          At almost midnight, three suspects were arrested for shoplifting at the Mobil gasoline station on Caniff and I-75.

          A Charest St. woman reported someone broke into her garage, but no items appeared to be stolen.

          A McDougall St. resident reported someone broke into his garage but nothing was missing.

          At almost 6 p.m. a woman reported someone stole her car while it was parked in the 11500 block of St. Aubin St.                                 

Sunday, Nov. 17

          A Lumpkin St. woman reported her car was stolen while it was parked in the 11400 block of Lumpkin St. Eastpointe police later notified Hamtramck police that her car was recovered.

          A Trowbridge St. man said his car was stolen from the Mobil gas station on Caniff. The man said he had left his keys in the car.

          Four trees were reported to have fallen from Sunday night’s wind storm. One tree fell on a car in the 2900 block of Roosevelt St.

Monday, Nov. 18

          At about 11:30 p.m., a man was arrested for a domestic felony assault that occurred in the 2700 block of Evaline St.

          At 1:30 a.m. a man reported that another man known to him stole his MacBook.

          A Detroit resident reported that his car was broken into and electronic items were stolen while it was parked in the 10200 block of Conant.

          A Moran St. resident reported his green 1995 Ford Aspire was stolen.

          An Evaline St. resident said someone used his debit card number to make fraudulent charges to his bank account.


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