Crime Log… 1/17/14



By Charles Sercombe

This week’s crime Log covers Jan. 5-12.

Sunday, Jan. 5

          At 12:33 a.m. a Lincoln Park resident was arrested for being disorderly while at Campau Tower.

          At 4 a.m. a Norwalk St. resident was arrested for assaulting a woman.

          A Yemans St. woman said she was assaulted by her live-in boyfriend.

          A missing teen from Southfield was found in the area of Jos. Campau and Roosevelt. The girl was turned over to her parents.

Monday, Jan. 6

          At 5 a.m. a car fire was reported at Evaline and Mitchell streets.

          At 9:30 a.m. a Florian St. resident reported their car was stolen while it was running but left unattended.

          At 9 a.m. a Berger St. resident reported someone broke into his garage and stole his snow blower.

          A Jacob St. resident reported his license plate was stolen.

          A Jos. Campau resident reported damage to her car and the door to her residence.

Tuesday, Jan. 7

At almost midnight, a Yemans St. resident was reported missing.

Wednesday, Jan. 8

          Four car crashes were reported at Faber and Lumpkin, Caniff and Gallagher, Caniff and Mackay and on Andrus St.

          Officers investigated an open door at a residence in the 9600 block of Dequindre, but they were unable to secure the door.


Thursday, Jan. 9

No report was available for this day.

Friday, Jan. 10

          A Lehman St. resident reported someone kicked in his back door, broke out windows and stole several items.

          A Norwalk St. resident said someone called him and attempted to intimidate him into sending money. The caller claimed to be an IRS agent.

          A man and a Hamtramck juvenile were arrested at 10:30 p.m. after breaking into a house in the 3400 block of Carpenter. The two suspects were caught stealing a refrigerator and a City of Hamtramck garbage can.

          At 12:30 a.m. officers assisted Detroit police in chasing down a wanted felon. The chase started at an Evaline St. bar.

          An Evaline St. woman reported her boyfriend assaulted her. The boyfriend fled before officers arrived at the scene.

          A woman reported that a woman she knows made threats through Facebook to harm her.

          A woman reported that someone broke into her residence in the 3900 block of Doremus St.

          Mayor Karen Majewski reported that a man stole her iPhone while she was at her store on Jos. Campau. Majewski was able to provide the name of the suspect.

Saturday, Jan. 11

          A little after midnight, a person was arrested at Jacob and Jos. Campau for being disorderly.

          At about 3 a.m., a person was arrested after being pulled over in a traffic stop when it was discovered there was an arrest warrant.

          At almost 4 a.m. a hit and run accident occurred at Trowbridge and Lumpkin streets.

          A resident reported he was carjacked by two men in their 20s. The incident happened on Gallagher St., and the suspects took off with a Toyota Corolla.

Sunday, Jan. 12

          Officers arrested a woman after being cited for impeding traffic when it was discovered she had a loaded revolver in her car but had an expired weapons permit.

          A Lumpkin St. resident was arrested for damaging a car.           

A Dequindre St. resident reported the theft of a catalytic converter from their vehicle. The same thing was reported from residents on Oklahoma and Dyar streets.                                                                                     

          A Nagel St. resident reported a break-in at his residence and the theft of several items.

          A Trowbridge St. resident reported her boyfriend assaulted her while at a friend’s house on Edwin St. The suspect fled before officers arrived.

Monday, Jan. 13

          A woman living in the 11400 block of St. Aubin St. reported the theft of siding from her house.

          At about 9 a.m. a resident reported a man attempted to steal her 2006 Ford Ranger.

          A little after 5 p.m. three Detroit juveniles were detained after they broke a window at 10340 Jos. Campau. The juveniles were released to their parents, and the parents were issued tickets.

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