Crime Log …5/23/14

By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Lot covers May 13-19.

Tuesday, May 13
At 7:12 a.m. a resident reported someone damaged their car while it was parked in the 2600 block of Belmont.
A taxi cab operator reported someone broke into his vehicle while it was parking in the 12000 block of Conant and stole the taxi meter from the dashboard.
A resident reported his neighbor threatened him while he took out his garbage. The resident said his neighbor also violated a personal protection order.
A Hamtramck woman reported someone opened a Comcast account in her name without her permission.
A woman in the 11000 block of Sobieski reported someone broke into her garage and stole a black and yellow bike.

Wednesday, May 14
At 11:30 p.m. officers investigated gun shots being fired in the 12000 block of Selfridge.
During a traffic stop, officers discovered the driver was holding a large amount of illegal prescription pills.
Thursday, May 15
At about 7 a.m. a man reported his son assaulted him in the 2700 block of Evaline.
The owner of Royal Market said a customer gave him a bad check.
At about noon, a woman said she was robbed while in the 3300 block of Holbrook by a man who looked about 19 years old.
A woman said a person is receiving unemployment benefits in her name.
A woman from Lumpkin reported an ongoing problem between her and residents of the housing projects.
A woman reported that someone stole a Fed Ex package from her porch.

Friday, May 16
During a traffic stop, two people were arrested for possessing narcotic paraphernalia and obstructing officers.
A Goodson resident was arrested for violating a personal protection order.
A woman on Lehman reported her neighbor threatened her and pulled a knife over an issue with the mailbox.
A homeless man stole merchandise from Chiipss clothing on Jos. Campau.

Saturday, May 17
At 1:40 a.m. a person was arrested following a disturbance in the 9800 block of Conant for being disorderly and obstructing officers.
A Trowbridge resident reported the theft of his license plate.
A Detroit man was arrested for an open Hamtramck warrant and possession of narcotic paraphernalia.
During a break-in at the housing projects a resident reported being injured by a person she knows.
Sunday, May 18
At 12:30 a.m. a Doremus resident reported someone damaged her car that was parked in front of her residence.
At 1 a.m. a driver was arrested during a traffic stop at Caniff and Charest for being intoxicated.
A Charest resident reported someone stole his identity information and tried to open several credit cards and also get loans.
Monday, May 19
At 11 p.m. a resident reported that her 12-year-old daughter had run away from home.
A Lumpkin resident reported the theft of her patio chairs and cushions from her front porch.
An Edwin resident reported that her son took her car without her permission.
A missing juvenile was found to be living at her grandmother’s house on Andrus. The child was returned to her mother.

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