Crime Log …6/15/12

By Alan Madeleine

Crime Log is a compilation of incidents taken from Hamtramck Police reports from between the dates of Thursday, June 7, and Wednesday, June 13, 2012.

From Thursday, June 7:

 A woman living in the 12000 block of Charest reported that her front door was open when she returned home. Investigating officers found no signs of forced entry, nor did anything appear to have been taken.

 A representative for a machinery company in the 3900 block of Christopher reported that someone broke one of the building’s windows.

 A representative for a second hand store in the 12100 block of Jos. Campau reported the theft of a bicycle from the store.

 A man living in the 2000 block of Yemans came into the station to report the theft of his Jeep (no other description given).

 A woman living in the 2400 block of Holmes reported that someone damaged her vehicle while it was parked near her home.

 A man living in the 8500 block of Jos. Campau was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend during “an argument regarding his infidelities.”

From Friday, June 8:

 A man was arrested for disorderly conduct and marijuana possession after he was seen by an officer throwing firecrackers into traffic.

 A man was arrested for assault and battery, larceny and obstruction after a representative of a restaurant in the 8700 block of Jos. Campau reported that the man assaulted him while trying to steal money from the restaurant.

 A woman living in the 9600 block of Gallagher reported that someone slashed all four of the tires on her Dodge Caravan while it was parked behind her home.

 An employee of Hamtramck High School reported the apparent theft of a projector from the school.

 AT 10:58 a.m., two men reported being assaulted, but no other details were given as to where or by whom.

 A man living in the 2300 block of Holmes reported that someone stole three rifles from him, for which he had no paperwork. About 17 hours later, the man’s landlord turned over the rifles to police. No further explanation given in the report as to why he had come to possess them.

 A woman living in the 2200 block of Edwin reported that someone broke in and stole various items.

 A man was arrested at Charest and Casmere after he tried to start a fight with his neighbors while visibly intoxicated.

From Saturday, June 9:

 Officers investigated a report of an open window at a(n) (unoccupied?) home in the 3400 block of Holbrook. The residence was checked out, and no one was found inside. DPW was notified that the back window needed boarding up.

 A resident living in the 11400 block of Dyar reported that someone shot at a window with a BB gun sometime between 1 p.m. and 7:50 p.m. on this date.

From Sunday, June 10:

 At 11:46 p.m. Saturday night, a resident of Nagel reported being assaulted with a TASER by a man known to him while at Oklahoma and Circle Dr. The assailant then fled in a black Dodge Magnum, armed with a handgun as well. Then, about four hours later, officers observed a vehicle matching the description of that car, license plate number CKH3570, near Circle Dr. and Grand Haven. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle at Caniff and Grand Haven, but the driver fled at a high rate of speed to southbound Oakland Ave. at Grand Blvd., where the officers’ pursuit was called off at 4:06 a.m. That driver now would face charges of fleeing and eluding as well as reckless driving charges, among possible others.

 Officers responded to a break-in in the 3900 block of Caniff. The female resident reported being assaulted by a black male, about 40, 6’ tall, with a beard, and wearing a red shirt and khaki colored pants. Officers spotted a MAC computer hanging from a side window of the home, which they took with them to be checked for fingerprints. Hamtramck EMS treated the victim at the scene.

 A representative of an unknown business in the 11800 block of Jos. Campau reported that someone had broken into her business sometime between the day before this at 6 p.m. and today at 6 a.m.; no details on what, if anything, was missing.

 A woman reported that someone stole her 1996 Ford Taurus, license plate CKC2144, from in front of a home in the 2200 block of Florian, on this date between 4 a.m. and 7 a.m.

 A woman reported that someone broke into the backyard shed of her home in the 2200 block of Edwin between the prior day at 9:15 a.m. and this date at 9:15 a.m., taking some lawn maintenance equipment.

 A woman reported that someone broke into her home, location not specified, yesterday between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. She noted no damage to the back door of the home, but stated that a Dell computer and a CD changer had been taken.

 A man reported that car parts to a Camaro, which he had been storing, with approval, in a house that he had owned but sold, had gone missing sometime between February of this year and yesterday’s date, when he went back to retrieve them and found them gone. No signs of forced entry.

From Monday, June 11:

 A man reported that he had seen two black males break into the rear of his semi-trailer at 8:14 a.m. today, while it was parked in a freezer service company’s lot in the 8300 block of St. Aubin. No list of what may have gone missing.

 A woman living in the 2600 block of Caniff said that her gold necklace had been stolen by a thin black male, no age given, who was wearing a blue and white polo shirt. He then fled in a dark blue passenger vehicle.

 AT 6:38 p.m., a juvenile reported being robbed at gunpoint by a black male, likely a juvenile about 16 years old, tall, and wearing a blue and yellow Old Navy shirt. The suspect was then last seen moving northbound on Mackay, away from Holmes.

From Tuesday, June 12:

 A man living in the 12000 block of McDougall reported the theft of a gate from his back yard.

 An officer recovered a silver Huffy Vormax mountain bike from the bushes near Keyworth stadium. The bike was tagged for safekeeping.

 At about 5:30 p.m., a woman living in the 2400 block of Holmes reported the theft of her 1978 vintage Camaro from her garage. The vehicle was entered into the network.

 A man was arrested after officers observed him taking items from a drug store in the 9200 block of Jos. Campau without paying for them. He was later released due to medical reasons.

 At 7:28 p.m., a woman living in the 12000 block of Dequindre reported that someone, known to her, damaged a window on her home with a piece of black pipe.

From Wednesday, June 13:

 On a story perhaps related to the last item under yesterday’s log, a different woman reported that, while on Fleming near Whalen, a man known to her (and going by the same name as in the other incident with the other woman) threatened her with a handgun after she admittedly damaged a window on his vehicle. This incident actually occurred only seven minutes after the other, but ended up on this day’s report instead.

 In yet a further possibly related incident, officers responded to a suspicious car fire in the 12000 block of Dequindre, at the same address as the incident yesterday again. This was now at 4:30 a.m.

 A man was arrested, location not given, after he “assaulted several women.”

 A man living in the 3800 block of Belmont reported that someone stole his city-issued trash can from behind his house.

During this period, police also: Investigated one alarm, one open residence’s door, and one report of a suspicious person near a business; took three reports of assaults, and two reports of threatening texts or calls; responded to five vehicle crashes; took in two juveniles for curfew violations, and turned them over to their parents; made the following other sundry arrests: three for being a disorderly person, two for outstanding warrants (one of them a juvenile), two for presenting fraudulent car insurance, two for driving while never having obtained a license, and four for driving on suspended licenses (one including drunk driving and open intoxicant charges, one including possession with intent to distribute, and one including an outstanding warrant); issued two ordinance violations: one for open intoxicants, and one for possessing narcotic paraphernalia; and they tagged several unclaimed items of prisoners’ property and a suspected stolen cell phone.

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