Crime Log …6/4/14

By Charles Sercombe
This week’s Crime Log covers May 27-June 2.
Tuesday, May 27
A resident living in the 12000 block of Selfridge said someone broke out their windows.
At almost 1:30 a.m. a resident reported someone broke into his car and stole his XM Satellite radio, GPS and other items.
A car reported stolen in Hamtramck was recovered in Isabella County.
A man reported that someone opened numerous accounts without his permission.
A woman was arrested for driving a car with stolen license plates.

Wednesday, May 28
Officers recovered a lawn mower in the 12000 block of Jos. Campau.
A woman living in the 2700 block of Norwalk reported someone broke into her garage.
A woman living in the 2200 block of Danforth reported a break-in.
Thursday, May 29
Residents in the 12000 block of Grand Haven reported seeing a man walking around with a shotgun and threatening them.

At 1 a.m. a resident in the 2700 block of Edwin reported the theft of her bike from her porch.
A Macomb man reported his wallet stolen from a residence on Belmont.
Friday, May 30
The DNR arrested a person on Belle Isle who was wanted for not filing their Hamtramck income tax.
Officers arrested a Lincoln Park man after he fled from police on the freeway on a motorcycle.
A woman on Florian said a man took a garden hose from the side of her house and fled in a black Jeep-type vehicle.
A man on Botsford reported his garage was broken into and his mountain bike and ladder were stolen.
A Detroit man was arrested for reckless driving after doing donuts in the middle of Jos. Campau and Hamtramck Drive. The vehicle was part of a wedding precession.
Saturday, May 31
At 10 p.m. two people were arrested for a robbery that happened in the afternoon at Jos. Campau and Roosevelt.
At 1:45 a.m. a woman living in the 2300 block of Andrus said she was assaulted by her boyfriend.
While investigating a disturbance on Yemans officers arrested a resident for outstanding Hamtramck warrants.
A Sobieski resident reported receiving a counterfeit check in the mail for a business transaction.
Glory Supermarket reported that an employee had been embezzling money for several months.
A man said that three men attempted to rob him while he was on Denton. The suspects fled the scene.
A man on Nagel said someone broke a window at his residence.
Sunday, June 1
At about 2:30 a.m. a driver was arrested for having fraudulent insurance during a traffic stop.
Officers recovered a stolen cell phone from a person on Bernard.
A Moran woman went to the police station to report her husband assaulted her.
Monday, June 2
At almost 11 p.m., officers responded to a landlord-tenant dispute in the 2300 block of Commor. Officers ended up arresting the landlord for kicking in his tenant’s door and entering the residence.
At almost midnight, a woman living in the 3900 block of Trowbridge reported someone entered her house while she was asleep and stole her prescription medicine and $150.
At almost 12:30 a.m. a resident was arrested at Holbrook and Conant for reckless driving and driving without a license.
At about 2 a.m. a person was hit by a car while at Jos. Campau and Zinow. The victim refused medical attention.
At 5 a.m. a Detroit woman was arrested in the 11600 block of Mitchell for domestic violence, obstructing officers and destruction of property.
A woman said she was bitten by several rats, and blamed it on her landlord for not cleaning up the property.
A female teen said she was assaulted by another female while in the 2300 block of Andrus.


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