Crime Log … 8/2/13


By Charles Sercombe

This week’s Crime Log covers July 23-29.

Tuesday, July 23


          Oak Park police arrested a man wanted on a Hamtramck felony warrant.

          A Dorothy St. resident gave police the name of a suspect who stole a bike.

          A woman living in the 2400 block of Neibel reported someone stole her car.

          A woman reported that her son was assaulted while he was at the Hamtramck Community Center.

          Officers responding to a call from a homeowner on Edwin St. found a ladder at the rear of the house. Once inside, the homeowner said there had been a break-in.

          A Hamtramck man was arrested for being a parole absconder. He was returned to the Michigan Department of Corrections.

          A Hamtramck resident reported someone obtained and cashed his tax return check.

          A St. Aubin St. resident reported several teens on bikes damaged his car.

Wednesday, July 24

          A man reported his 2001 Dodge Stratus was stolen.

          At 2:20 a.m., a man was arrested for drunk driving after a traffic stop at Jos. Campau and Commor. About an hour later, another man was arrested for drunk driving.

          A woman reported someone stole her 2010 Buick LaCrosse from the 2200 block of Andrus St.

          A woman living in the 3800 block of Yemans reported someone attempted to break into her house.

          A Klinger St. resident said someone broke into his garage and stole a mower and Moped.

          A Detroit man was arrested for throwing a brick through his brother-in-law’s car window.

Thursday, July 25

          An Edwin St. man was arrested for assaulting his roommate.

          Officers responded to a call from the Mobil gasoline station on Caniff and Dequindre about a disorderly person. A Detroit man was eventually arrested for trespassing. Another Detroit man on Jos. Campau was later arrested for obstructing police officers.

          Officers responding to a call about a woman laying down in an alley arrested her for being wanted on a Hamtramck warrant.

          At almost 6 p.m., a woman on Jacob St. reported a man came up to her and pulled off her necklace and then fled on foot.

          Officers responded to a call on Belmont St. where a 5-year-old had hit an 8-year-old with a shovel.

          A Detroit man was arrested leaving a business on Conant, carrying stolen property.

Friday, July 26

          At 11 p.m., a large fight was reported happening at Commor and Grand Haven. Four people were injured and transported to the hospital.

          At 4 a.m. two people were arrested for domestic violence.

          Two juveniles reported that a group of four or five males took their bikes. One of the victims was pushed off his bike.

          A woman reported her cell phone was stolen while she was at Polish Village Café.

Saturday, July 27

          A person turned in a cell phone that was found in the Florian-Brombach area.

          A Klinger St. man reported someone broke his car window and stole a GPS unit.

          A person reported receiving harassing phone calls from an unknown caller.

          A woman reported that her 2001 Chrysler Voyager was stolen from in front of a house in the 3900 block of Prescott St.

          A man told police that an unknown man cut him under his right eye with a knife while he was in the 2300 block of Whalen St. He refused medical attention.

          At about 7:30 a.m., a man was arrested for reckless discharge of a gun.

          A Yemans St. woman reported someone opened a T-Mobile cell phone account in her name without her permission.

          A woman living in the 2400 block of Zinow St. reported someone stole a bike from her porch.

          At almost noon, a man was arrested in the 9400 block of McDougall for interfering with a crime report.

          Officers investigating a disturbance at a Nagel St. location ended up arresting a man for being drunk.

          A Botsford St. woman reported that a man with a bike came up to her while she was on her porch and stole her cell phone.

          Officers responding to a report of a fight at Pulaski Park arrested an Oak Park woman for disorderly conduct.

Sunday, July 28

          At about 2:30 a.m. a person was arrested for disorderly conduct after police received a report of a disturbance.

          A man living in the 2400 block of Faber St. reported someone threw a rock through his kitchen window.

          A landlord who owns a rental dwelling in the 3000 block of Belmont St. reported someone stole a central air unit and tampered with a second unit as well.

          Two people were arrested for attempting to cash fraudulent checks at a party store on Holbrook.

          A man reported someone grabbed his cell phone out of his hand while he was at Discount Fresh Fish Market on Conant. The suspect was seen running away.   

Monday, July 29

          At about 2 a.m., officers discovered a broken window at a Jos. Campau business and noticed several cell phones were missing from a display case.

          A woman reported her teen daughter had run away.

          A Belmont St. woman reported a man came up to her in front of her house and ripped off her necklace. The suspect then ran away.

          A Sterling Heights woman reported she is receiving harassing phone calls from a Hamtramck resident who she knows.

          An Evaline St. woman reported someone broke into her garage and stole the radio out of her car.

          A Hamtramck teen was arrested for obstructing officers and being wanted on a felony warrant. Officers had to first chase down the teen on foot.

          Officers found a car involved in several hit and run accidents that occurred in Roseville.

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