Crime Log …9/28/12

By Ian Perrotta

This week’s crime reports cover Sept. 18 through Sept. 26.

Tuesday, Sept. 18

• Officers responded to a possible altercation between a juvenile female and her uncle in the 9500 block of Charest. The juvenile reported her uncle slapped her, but her mother stated he had permission to discipline the child after she became unruly at her grandmother’s house.

• A woman in the 3000 block of Belmont reported her ’03 Chrysler Town Country license plate MI-CLK0003 stolen from in front of her residence.

• Officers arrested a man on an outstanding Detroit warrant.

• Officers discovered a fraudulent temporary license plate during a traffic stop.

• Officers rescued a duck near on the 12000 block of Gallagher and secured it.

Wednesday, Sept. 19

• A male was arrested for possession of a stolen vehicle, open intoxicant and operating while intoxicated after a traffic stop at Jos. Campau and Casmere.

• A man on the 11000 block of Klinger reported unknown person(s) broke out a window on his ’06 Chevy Impala.

• At an address on Woodland, officers secured several firearms for safe keeping.

• A man reported that a local business had accepted payments for utility bills and not forwarded the proper payments.

• A man on Charest reported that two white males posing as DPW workers gained entry into his home under false pretenses but didn’t get anything.

Thursday, Sept. 20

• To quote Ice Cube, “Today was a good day.” (Relatively speaking – there were some crimes reported but not the juicy stuff you want to read about.)

Friday, Sept. 21

• An officer attempted to stop a driver in a gold Buick for a traffic violation. The driver fled and was last seen heading northbound on Conant toward Davison.

• A crash was reported at Alpena and Edwin.

• A man reported damage to his rental house on the 3000 block of Belmont.

Saturday, Sept. 22

• Officers placed a subject in custody for prowling.

• A woman reported damage to her ’03 GMC Yukon. The incident happened on the 1900 block of Norwalk sometime during the previous night. The victim believes the perpetrator was her ex-boyfriend.

• The same woman also reported that the ex-boyfriend violated a PPO by repeatedly texting her.

• A male was arrested on the 12000 block of Sobieski for domestic assault after he assaulted his mother.

• A Doremus resident reported her daughter was assaulted by five Arabic males on the 3000 block of Doremus.

Sunday, Sept. 23

• A few things happened today, but the police reports were heavy on abbreviations and other lingo that this writer couldn’t decipher.

Monday, Sept. 24

• A man reported that an unknown person(s) used his debit card to withdraw $1,010.25 from his checking account.

• The same woman featured in the Sept. 22 log reported that her ex-boyfriend once again damaged her 03 GMC Yukon, although this time it happened on Jos. Campau. The ex also once again violated the PPO that she has against him (this time the song quote is from The Eagles: “Get over it”).

• A man reported that his brother has been using his name when stopped by the police.

• A woman reported that her niece assaulted her around Nagel and Carpenter. She complained of right shoulder pain but refused EMS treatment. The same woman also reported at the same time that her ‘95 Chrysler was taken by “unknown persons” (but let’s be honest: 2+2=4, and I think we can all do the math here).

Tuesday, Sept. 25

• A pharmacy on the corner of Jos. Campau and Holbrook reported retail fraud.

• Officers took a report of a runaway juvenile. The juvenile returned home later in the evening.

Wednesday, Sept. 26

• A resident in the 11000 block of Nagel reported that he was bitten by his neighbor’s dog.

• A Commor resident reported that a black male with a medium build, a height of about 5’3”, aged 12-16 and wearing a red hoodie with baggie jeans, approached her from behind at Commor and Mackay and grabbed a cell phone from her.

Crime of the Week:

This week the prize goes to the ex-boyfriend who can’t seem to move on. Guy, somewhere in this world there is a girl named Stella who is just waiting for you to mess up big and win her back.

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