Crime Log: Police report a spike in street robberies

By Charles Sercombe

          You may want to keep that gold necklace at home.

          In the past several weeks, Hamtramck police have received numerous reports of suspects coming up to people on the street and snatching their necklaces right off their neck and then running away or running to a waiting car.

          Police Chief Max Garbarino said the department is aware of the crime trend but so far there are no leads. He said it’s not unusual for street crimes to spike up this time of the year.

          “There are more people walking around, and more predators,” he said. “Always know your surroundings.”

          Garbarino also stressed that if you see something suspicious or out of place, call 911 immediately.

          “If you think it’s suspicious, you are probably right,” Garbarino said.

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