Crime Watch: Care thieves target Hamtramck

Tony Liggett was one of over a dozen people on Mitchell St. whose car window was smashed out in an attempted car theft. Photo by Tony Liggett


By Charles Sercombe
Hamtramck is being targeted by a possible car theft ring.
As we reported last week, there have been a series of auto thefts in the city in recent weeks.
On Monday night, a resident on Mitchell St. said she counted 14 autos on her block with smashed in windows where thieves had attempted to steal the cars.
One resident on Mitchell, Tony Liggett, said someone smashed in a window on his car, a Kia, and unsuccessfully attempted to steal it. He has a message to fellow residents:
“Neighbors Speak Up! Call when you see suspicious behavior,” Liggett said.
Hamtramck Police Chief Anne Moise confirmed that Hamtramck is being targeted,
“There have been numerous incidents involving auto theft or attempted theft. At this time, it appears to be targeted towards Kias, Hondas, Hyundais and Dodge Chargers,” Moise said.
“We are actively working with other agencies who are seeing the same significant increases in these crimes. We strongly encourage anyone who sees or hears anything suspicious, such as glass breaking, suspicious vehicles or persons, to contact Hamtramck Police immediately.
“Anyone who may have captured something on their home surveillance are urged to report this as well. Please continue to remain vigilant and keep vehicles locked and use theft deterrent devices when possible.”
If you do see something suspicious, call 911.
Posted Jan. 27, 2023

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