Dequindre Cut bike route is now open

Clap your hands and say yeah, yeah, yeah. … The first phase of Detroit’s hugely-anticipated urban recreational path, the Dequindre Cut Greenway, is now open.

Hamtramck will eventually be a part of this bike-pedestrian path, but for now you can test out the downtown leg of the route.

The Dequindre Cut, formerly a Grand Truck Railroad line, is a below-grade corridor that runs parallel to St. Aubin Street, between Mack Avenue and Woodbridge Street just north of the Riverfront.

The first phase of redevelopment for the Cut is between Woodbridge Street and Gratiot Avenue. The greenway development features a 20-foot-wide paved pathway, which includes separate lanes for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Entrance ramps to the Cut are located at Lafayette St., Gratiot Avenue and at Woodbridge St.

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