DIA masterpieces find a new home in Hamtramck

A replication of an art masterwork from the DIA collection is installed at Café 1923, the first of six sites in Hamtramck to receive other replications.



By Charles Sercombe

          Can’t make it to the Detroit Institute of Arts?

          Well, put on your walking shoes because the DIA has come to Hamtramck. Recently, the museum installed six reproductions of masterpieces from its famous collection.

          Hamtramck is one of 12 communities participating in the DIA’s Inside/Out program.

          The first replica to be installed was at Café 1923 which — appropriately for the coffee house — displays Henri Gervex’s “Café Scene in Paris,” a 19th Century scene of people in a café.

          The other locations include: City Hall (Thomas Moran’s “The Fisherman’s Wedding Party”), the public library (Henry Matisse’s “The Window”), Zam Zam Restaurant (Benny Andrews’ “Portrait of a Collagist”), Polonia Restaurant (Peter Paul Rubens’ “Warrior with Two Pages”) and the Polish Market (Edwin Henry Landseer’s “Chevy”).

The city’s Downtown Development Authority will be sponsoring walking tours of the collection in the coming weeks. Here’s the schedule for that:

July 11 – Zam Zam – Portrait of a Collagist (11917 Conant), City Hall – The Fisherman’s Wedding Party, Polonia Polish Restaurant – Warrior with Two Pages and Polish Market – Chevy

Aug 15 – City Hall – The Fisherman’s Wedding Party (3401 Evaline), Polonia Polish Restaurant – Warrior with Two Pages, Polish Market – Chevy, and the Public Library – The Window

Sept 19 – Polonia Restaurant – Warrior with Two Pages (2934 Yemans), Polish Market – Chevy, Public Library – The Window, and Café 1923 – Café scene in Paris


The tours begin at 7 p.m., starting at the first location.

          Hamtramck will also have its own special weekend at the DIA, Aug. 10-11. Residents will get free admission and several discounts at the gift shop and CafeDIA as well as other specials.


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