Display of flags is proof that Hamtramck is a unique city



          Saturday morning was a truly remarkable and historical moment in Hamtramck.

          Thanks to the city’s Human Relations Commission, 18 new flags were hoisted along Jos. Campau from Caniff to Carpenter. Besides two American flags anchoring the two corners, the rest of the flags reflect the various nationalities living here.

          What an incredible sight.

          It’s high time we celebrated our diverse ethnic communities, and this was one glorious way to do it.

          The Human Relations Commission requested donations from businesses and local ethnic communities and thanks to their generosity the project was completed. Hamtramck may be struggling in some ways, but we are a proud city.

          Hamtramck has something no other Michigan city can boast: Cultural diversity.

          For many new immigrants, Hamtramck is the first American city they have settled in. We couldn’t be better off, because the energy of immigrants helps make this city thrive and grow.

          The display of flags for sure will be another draw for visitors who will no doubt be in envy of our cultural depth.


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