District has a long list of repairs and upgrades

By Charles Sercombe
So, just what kind of repairs and upgrades does the school district have to undertake?
It’s a long list, compiled by an engineering company that spent weeks last year inspecting each school building in the district.
School officials have broken down the need-to-do list into separate subjects.
New controlled entrances
Some doors are not secure from outsiders gaining entrance, and also prevent exiting in case of fire
Increase visual monitoring of entrances
Update exit paths in case of fire
Upgrade fire alarm systems
New exit signs and emergency exit lighting
Add ramps and upgrade railings to make entrances accessible for all users
Improve lighting in dark and low visibility areas
Bring restrooms up to code
Energy savings
New higher insulated windows
New efficient lighting and lighting controls
Upgraded heating and air-conditioning equipment that is compatible with newer energy management systems
    Classrooms, halls and restrooms:
Replace old, damaged or unsafe finishes
Cover graffiti, repair vandalism and wear and tear
Improve overall appearance to capture student interest
   Outside building walls:
Replace/repair deteriorating roofs
Fix masonry chips, cracks and other distresses
Filling and flashing to keep out moisture
Site improvement:
Patch/repave parking lots
Replace sidewalks
New landscaping

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