Education should be a cost we want to support

What in the world is going on with public education?

This isn’t just a Hamtramck question.

Under Gov. Snyder’s budget plan, funding for education is getting slashed by almost $500 per student. For Hamtramck, this means a total cut of $1 million. The district is already staring at a $4 million deficit.

Is Snyder setting up public school districts for financial failure? It sure does appear that way.

The American public education system was once a true marvel and an inspiration to the world. Millions of Americans were guaranteed quality education and a good chance to go on to higher learning.

Over the past few decades, we have allowed elected leaders to whittle away at this foundation. We are now at the point of watching the whole system crumble.

Make no mistake, Republicans would love to see public education go away, especially union teachers, who are seen by many Republicans as a base support for Democrats.

Snyder is also a Republican, but he would have you believe he is not politically motivated. Folks, don’t believe it for a minute. He likes to characterize himself as a “nerd” but he is actually a wolf in nerd’s clothing.

Reducing school funding has nothing to with making public schools more “efficient” – as Snyder insists. It has to do with hacking away at public employees.

What Snyder and his cohorts would love to see is public schools get taken over by privatized charter schools. We’re not knocking charter schools, because there is a place for them and they can co-exist with public schools.

Education isn’t about being “efficient” in the sense we have come to understand. Education is a necessary expense to ensure our nation has a populace that can make educated decisions.

Education should be a priority expense, and something we as a people are proud to support.

Republicans have increasingly become driven by politics for the sake of politics.

Enough already.

A lot of voters got hoodwinked by Snyder this past election. It’s time we stand up and say no more. There will likely be a recall effort come this July, the earliest possible time a recall can begin.

We seriously urge voters to send a clear and loud message that, when it comes to public education, we draw a line. That message begins with a ballot.

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