Election recounts look like political games

RoyalWhat a waste.

That’s the word for the upcoming recount in the mayoral election and now, the City Council race as well.

We wonder what challengers Abdul Algazali, who lost his bid for mayor, and Anam Miah, a council candidate, hope to accomplish. Algazali lost by 123 votes, and Miah finished 125 votes behind the third-place winner.

The city uses an electronic device to count ballots and it’s almost unheard for votes to be miscounted. Although the cost to the candidates is minimal, only $80 to count all eight precincts, the city has to pick up additional costs that will reach over $5,000.

In Miah’s case we suspect he’s gunning for fourth-place finisher Alan Shulgon in case a vacancy pops up on council. If one of the winning candidates resigns, Shulgon would be next in line to fill the seat.

Mohammed Hassan has said that he might run for State Rep. Bert Johnson’s seat next year.

Miah finished 25 votes behind Shulgon – a margin that is still likely impossible to close up in a recount.

This political jockeying looks like a silly game to us, but worse, it’s a cost the city could do without.
Fellas, the election is over, you both lost, now get on with your lives.

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