Expanding fire service could bring in extra revenue

Hamtramck firefighters say they are working on a plan to save the city money.

One plan being considered, although not aggressively, firefighters admit, is to take over fire service in Highland Park. For the past two weeks, Hamtramck has been asked twice to assist Highland Park firefighters.

One fire was on Tuesday night and involved an empty four-story apartment building. Highland Park’s ladder truck is broken down, and it’s fortunate that Hamtramck just received a brand new aerial ladder truck.

Since Highland Park is just about dead broke, we doubt their ladder truck is going to get repaired any time soon.

It’s a safe bet that Hamtramck firefighters will be assisting Highland Park a lot more in the coming weeks and months.

Given that situation, city officials should ramp up discussions with Highland Park officials about taking over fire services.

Of course we have to be careful that fire services will not be compromised here in Hamtramck. And it goes without saying that some Highland Park firefighters would have to be retained to beef up our department.

There has been a preliminary look at providing services over there, and it is estimated that the city could actually make a little money.

Considering that Hamtramck has infrequent fires, it’s doubtful that our guys will be spread too thin.

We may not like this new arrangement, but these are austere financial times. Hamtramck has to take the lead in finding new savings and revenue sources if it wants to remain an independent city.

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